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We build technology to help expand access to specialty care in the developing world. 


Relay: a clinical collaboration app for remote oncology diagnoses and consultations

An Android mobile app that serves as a mobile EMR for quick input of patient information and complete history – and the ability to consult with specialists remotely. We enable general physicians to:

  1. Easily register patients by snapping a photo of their government ID, and view/sort patients by date, diagnosis, and recency. Store patient reports, scans, and labs.

  2. Log a simple, event-based patient history via an intuitive mobile app even in low-connectivity environments. 

  3. Asynchronously communicate with a virtual tumor board for remote diagnoses and consultations tailored to the patient's specific case and available treatment infrastructure.

  4. Join a cohort of peer-physicians and learn from one another through case-based continuing medical education

  5. Continue to improve care delivery with regularly updated content for physicians, nurses, and broader care team.

Who uses Relay?


Public health systems in the developing world

Public health systems across the globe are finding new and innovative approaches to overcome the shortage of specialists. Many systems have come to rely on videoconferencing or messaging between healthcare providers collaborating remotely, resulting in cluttered workflows, difficulty scheduling, poor patient data management, and missed opportunities to collect population health data. 

Pilot in progress: We're piloting with Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar, founder of the Asian Cancer Institute, to provide remote oncology diagnoses and follow up to 120 district hospital doctors in India. Read more about his pioneering work in remote cancer care here

Relay enables large, private hospital systems to remotely consult with patients through their existing referral network of physicians. By offering remote e-consultations via Relay, private hospital systems can bridge the distance to patients living in non-metro areas, engaging with their clinical info and doctor to determine the best course of action. This allows for more continuity of care and stronger brand recognition outside of metro areas, a powerful lead-generation capability. 

Large, private hospital systems 

Large hospital systems for inter-hospital communication

We are working with a large hospital system Madhya Pradesh to implement a virtual tumor board and other virtual specialist boards to promote more collaboration and consultations between physicians and specialists. 


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